Welcome to robowidgets.net. Look around this site and find various tools, projects, and book reviews related to robotics or microcontrollers in general. Currently I have one project completed. It's the Super Simple Servo Controller. It's simple to build and simple to use.

Emphasizing a coherent interface between different sensor modules is the overriding theme of most of my projects. By placing a microcontroller between different sensors and the main controller a simple SPI port can be used to feed data to the main controller. This leaves the main controller free to handle behavior, mapping, and any other algorithms without having to have the code cluttered with drivers for the various sensors on the robot. The current project I'm working on is a bridge to go between a microcontroller and the Parallax Ping))) sonar. After that, is a bridge for the Parallax Dual Axis Accelerometer.

Update: 12/18/2012

The software for the Ping)))Bridge is done. Source code can be downloaded here, Download Ping)))Bridge.

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